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PEMC (Professional Event Management Certificate)
Expected: August 2021

The Professional Event Management Certificate is focused on preparing students to design, plan, manage, implement, and evaluate experiences, meetings, and special events. Students will take hands-on event management coursework which covers planning, promotion, operational logistics, sponsorship, evaluation, contracting, media, fundraising, risk management, and vendor management.

Hospitality Management Certificate
Expected: August 2021 

The Hospitality Management certificate is focused on preparing students to understand the planning, analysis, and decision-making techniques needed for management positions in the hospitality industry. Students will develop skills related to principles of management, sustainability, development, cultural tolerance, marketing, finance, and service quality as they apply to the hospitality industry.

Tourism Management Certificate
Expected: August 2021

This certificate prepares you for careers in the tourism, hospitality and events industries. You’ll learn how to sustainably plan, manage, develop, and promote places and events. You’ll also be introduced to:

  • Industry standards and practices

  • Human resource issues

  • Financing

  • Regulations and laws related to this industry

Another key aspect of this program is learning how to market tourism destinations and experiences.

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