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Related Coursework

RPTS 311: Planning & Implementation of Events and Programs

Planning, operations, administration and evaluation; includes creation and implementation of programs and special events with budgeting, operational and venue logistics, marketing, fund raising, hospitality training and participant satisfaction.

Grade Received: A

RPTS 320: Event Management & Operations I

Principles and applications for effective planning and management of events; planning, promotion, operational logistics, sponsorship and evaluation.

Grade Received: A

RPTS 321: Event Management & Operations II

Advanced principles and applications of event management, including practical knowledge relating to contracting, media, fund raising, compliance and oversight, risk management, site logistics, sponsorships and vendor management.

Grade Received: A 

RPTS 331: Tourism Marketing

Application of basic tourism marketing principles and concepts in government, business, and social-cause contexts; situation analysis and operational evaluation; decision making in terms of product, place, price, and channel of distribution mixes for tourism attractions and services.

Grade Received: B

RPTS 444: Service Quality for Hospitality Organizations

Application of SERVQUAL concepts with focus on implementing measures to enhance customer service; in-depth study of planning and administering hospitality service strategies, measurement of service delivery, repair and recovery of service delivery gaps, and management and training of employees; practical applications of research in the field.

Grade Received: A
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